M. Basketball. @MOD4three Blogs UCF vs. Stetson

Former UCF men's basketball standout Mike O'Donnell blogs about the Knights' game against Stetson on Sunday.

M. Basketball. Taylor Earns American Rookie of the Week Honors

In his first collegiate game, UCF freshman B.J. Taylor led the Knights with 14 points and added nine rebounds in a 64-55 victory over Stetson Sunday. On Monday he was honored as the first American Athletic Conference Rookie of the Week this season.

Anti-Cybersquatting Lessons from IP Strategy

The post reconsiders a cooperative solution to cybersquatting that I proposed in 2007. I also draw on examples of success and failure of legal actions to protect intellectual property (IP) licensing.

M. Basketball. The Time Is Now For Junior Class

The time is certainly now for UCF's juniors to embrace the challenge of leading a team. Forward Kasey Wilson stands as the Knights' lone returning senior but will have sure hands supporting him in juniors Staphon Blair, Dylan Karell, Daiquan Walker and Matt Williams.

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