Microsoft sues tech support scammers for trademark violation, false advertising

Claims 390,000 residents lost $179 million in California alone.

The Empire Strikes Back: "New" Verisign Hums a Familiar Tune

Losing your monopoly must be hard. True, few companies ever experience that particular breed of angst, but if Verisign's reply to even modest success in the new gTLD marketplace is any indication, it must be very hard to say goodbye.

M. Basketball. @MOD4three Blogs UCF vs. Detroit

Former UCF men's basketball star Mike O'Donnell shares his thoughts on last night's win over Detroit. Freshman Adonys Henriquez led the way with 21 points and seven boards.

GOP Congressman Busted for Owning Pervy URL; Faces Sexual Harassment Suit

Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) has had a rough week...

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